Being grower owned has allowed Superfruits Valley to offer only the cream of the crop from our farm directly to you. We have built Superfruits Valley from the ground up, identified and selected our saplings that now occupy the land, to attentively growing and tending to the fruits through their various stages of growth until they are ready for harvest.

We only bring the best and most nutritional Superfruit products to you and your family for consumption and usage, because we care for your well-being and health. 

"To be honest, we are just farmers who are motivated by the love for land and farming. We only use raw fruit materials from our farm to ensure, and provide, the best quality products at a constant price because at the end of the day, good things are meant to be shared and enjoyed by everyone."

Robin Lim

Superfruits Grower / Managing Director

We are a Superfruit company


Local Company





We find great joy in the challenges of growing fruits that aren’t widely grown in Malaysia. Superfruits Valley is the evidence built on sheer determination in building a sustainable ecosystem in the farm, while producing superfruits at an affordable price for the consumers. The awe-inspiring view and the benefits of working in harmony with nature are visible everywhere you look.

Now that's the good stuff.

The fruits of our labour.


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