Farmer looking after his plants in the greenhouse

Making the world a healthier place, one superfruit at a time.

From the seed to the plant, to the fruit growing on the trees on our land, we have control over the entire process. This is also how we ensure quality and traceability at every step from the start. Get more delicious, natural and fresher superfruits that are grown locally and naturally, without any pesticides.

Grown without compromise.

We rely on years of experience and modern technology to ensure that our farming practices only use as much resources as we need. That way, we always ensure that the produce you are buying is sustainable, fresher and earth-friendly.

The Superfruit

Our story started like any other company. We were looking for local options for figs 5 years ago, however there was no local option for high quality, local fruits or products back then. That was when we decided to take on the challenge in growing superfruits that were hard to find in Malaysia to ensure easy access to superfruit products that are able to improve the health and everyday lifestyle of Malaysians.

Aerial Shot of Superfruits Valley







If you can’t tell, we’re a farm that focuses on growing superfruits. But it is much more than just fruits that pack a punch. These fruits have earned their title as super fruits because they are packed with antioxidants, fibre, vitamins, and minerals that are beneficial for health. The main super fruits grown on the farm are figs, lemon, gac and passion fruit.

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